Digital Marketing Modules

Our Course Modules

Module 1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

a) What is Digital Marketing?
b) What is the need of digital marketing?
c) Digital Marketing fields & Goals?
d) Difference between DM & TM (Traditional Marketing).
e) DM Planning & strategy.
f) Components of digital marketing?
g) Tools required in DM

Module 2. Website planning, Structure, Designing & Domain, Hosting Management

a) How to select a domain name?
b) Domain & DNS management?
c) What is a website?
d) What are hosting and hosting types and manage to hosting via c-panel?
e) What are website development & technologies involved in website development?
f) What is CMS (Content management system)?
g) WordPress website setup (plugins, themes, menu, etc.)
h) WordPress customization & Backup.

Module 3. Basic Knowledge of CSS & HTML

a) Basic HTML tags for SEO.
b) Head Sections and related tags.
c) HTML editors.

Module 4. Google My Business

a) Understanding google my business.
b) GMB account management.
c) GMB posts for uploading
d) GMB Insights.

Module 5. Keyword Planning

a) What are keywords?
b) Types of keywords?
c) Tools for keyword research?
d) Guides for keyword research by yourself.

Module 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

a) Evolution of search engines.
b) How search engine works.
c) Basics of SEO.
d) SEO ranking factors.
e) Crawling, Indexing, robots & spiders
f) Google algorithms.

Module 6.1 On - Page Optimization

a) Website structure.
b) Content Planning & development.
c) Content writing & optimization.
d) Understanding title tags & writing skills.
e) Image alt, Internal linking
f) SEO-friendly URLs
g) SEO copywriting.
h) Voice search SEO
i) App optimization.

Module 6.2 - Technical SEO

a) Website speed optimization
b) Understanding SSL (secured socket layer)
c) Understanding 301, and 302 redirections.
d) Error page handling 404, 500, etc
e) Understanding Htaccess file, robot.txt, broken links, and canonicalization.
f) Learn about schemas.

Module 6.3 Off – Page Optimization

a) Fundamental of backlinks.
b) Local listings.
c) Quality link building
d) Link-building tools.
e) Link-building management
f) Understanding Digital PR
g) Directory submission, social bookmarking, Forum posting, Blog commenting, Article submission, Blog submission, etc.

Module 6.4 SEO Audit

a) On-Page & Off-Page Audit Strategy
b) SEO audit tools
c) Audit report
d) Backlinks audit.

Module 7. Google Updates

a) Google panda
b) Google penguin
c) HummingBird
d) Fred
e) Page Layout
f) Mobile Gidon

Module – 8. Website tracking & monitoring

a) Google Analytics
b) Google search console
c) Google tag manager
d) Other Website tracking and monitoring tools

Module – 9. Content writing

a) Understanding & define the niche
b) How to write SEO-optimized content
c) Understanding user persona.
d) Attractive title and headings
e) Use of tags (h1, h2)
f) Use of anchor texts

Module 10. SEM/ PPC (Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click)

a) Introduction to google AdWords.
b) Ad places on google.
c) Ad auction, ad positioning, ad ranking factors.
d) Search ads
e) Display ads
f) Shopping ads
g) Video ads
h) App campaign
i) Remarketing

Module 11. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

a) What is SMO?
b) Why is it used?
c) Basic setup of social media accounts & pages
d) Optimize all social media accounts.

Module 12. Social Media Marketing

a) What is SMM?
b) Why is it used?
c) Set up all SMM campaigns.

Module 12.1 - Facebook Marketing

a) Facebook algorithms.
b) FB content planning
c) Post designing & tools
d) Leveraging Facebook insights
e) All FB advertisements – Reach, Traffic, Video, etc
f) Facebook targeting options
g) Interest and custom-based targeting
h) Facebook retargeting ads.
i) Facebook business manager
j) Ad reports

Module 12.2 - Instagram Marketing

a) Understanding Instagram
b) Build a brand following with content
c) Strategy for how to drive engagement
d) Optimizing profile
e) All ads on Instagram
f) Hashtags & marketing tools
g) Analytics & measurement Instagram

Module 12.3 - LinkedIn Marketing

a) Introduction to LinkedIn marketing
b) How to market
c) Personal branding
d) Brand Marketing
e) LinkedIn ads

Module 13. Lead Generation

a) What is lead generation?
b) Tools for lead generation
c) Sources of lead generation
d) Automation

Module 14. Email Marketing

a) How to write effective email content
b) Email marketing data analysis
c) Why email automation is required
d) Tools for email marketing

Module 15. Blogging

a) What is blogging?
b) How to define a niche?
c) Blog SEO
d) Making money through blog

Module 16. YouTube & video marketing

a) What is video marketing?
b) YouTube channel creation
c) Setting & optimizing the YouTube channel
d) YouTube SEO
e) How to earn via YouTube.

Module 17. Affiliate marketing

a) What is affiliate marketing?
b) How to earn from Affiliate marketing?
c) How to choose niche affiliation?
d) How to be an Amazon affiliate?

Module 18. E-commerce marketing

a) Understanding the e-commerce website
b) SEO for e-commerce website
c) E-commerce analytics and monitoring.

Module 19. AdSense

a) What is AdSense?
b) Account approval and account setup?
c) AdSense Guidelines and requirements.
d) AdSense Niche research?
e) Content and traffic strategy.

Module 22. ORM (Online Reputation Management)

a) Local listing
b) Tools
c) Reviews
d) Ratings

Module 20. Freelancing

a) Understanding freelancing
b) Freelancing portals?
c) Understanding the project.
d) Drafting the proposal
e) Payments.

Module 21. Competitor research

a) Competitor research techniques
b) How to identify the competitors in your niche.
c) Competitor SEO strategies
d) Competitor social media activities
e) Tools for competitor analysis

Module 22. ORM (Online Reputation Management)

a) Local listing
b) Tools
c) Reviews
d) Ratings

Module 23. Mobile Marketing

a) What is mobile marketing?
b) Methods of mobile marketing
c) Mobile marketing strategy
d) Proximity-based marketing system
e) Importance & career.

Module 24. Project Management & CRM

a) What is Project management.
b) What is CRM?
c) Why do we need it?
d) Budget management
e) Project planning & management.
f) Reporting

Module 25. Landing Page design & lead generation

a) What is the landing page?
b) How to create & design a landing page for lead generation
c) Lead generation strategy or landing page.

Module 26. Canva & Postermywall for graphics

a) Create designs in Canva & Postermywall
b) Website banner & slider designing
c) Social media posts creation
d) Ads designed for display ads

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